In a recent chat at Marina's official site, Marina said that she and Michael Dorn are planning to work together on their own sit - com, and are planing to sell it to one of the T.V stations.

The next Generation cast will start filming the Star Trek 10 movie on November 28, 2001. The film will come out in 2002.

Marina signed a contract  to play in the 10th Star Trek movie: Nemesis. The movie does not yet have an official name.

Towards the end of August, Marina has become an American citizen.

Marina finished filming the movie "Peace Virus".  Details of the movie's release will be found soon on Marina's official website:



                                           9-11 November, 2001
                                   United Fan Con XI
                                    Springfield, MA

                                   8-10 February, 2002
                                      Starfleet Ball
                               Bournemouth, England

                      More  conventions coming soon...